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Music Of Kenneth D. Friedrich
Low Brass and More
1.  Please peruse the Euphonium, Tuba, Ensembles, Miscellaneous, or Arrangements pages.

2.  Copy down the KDF numbers of the pieces you want to order.  (Use copy and paste      if you like.)   Example - KDF-10001

3.  Copy (or paste) these numbers on the order form below.

4.  Please specify if you want print delivery.

5.  Send payment, including shipping, to the address at the top of the Contact Us page.         (Check , money order, or cashier's check is fine.) You can use Paypal here as well.            My Paypal address is knuxie35@yahoo.com.

Your order will be shipped with an invoice and an 'E-Cept' sent to your email when payment has been received.
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